GRP (fibre glass)

GRP stands for glass reinforced plastic, and is also referred to as fibre glass roofing, GRP is composed of resin with glass or fibrous strands that reinforce the roofing material. Fibre glass  can be a reliable, cost effective roofing solution that will out perform any bitumen based waterproof application. If installed correctly, it will leave a seamless finish that will last for decades to come. Unfortunately GRP has come under some bad press recently, this however is almost always down to poor installation, which is unfortunately far to common – especially when the product can be bought over the counter by an unscrupulous, or untrained amateur.

Here at Anderson roofing we have been trained by two of the country’s leading grp manufactures and have been successfully installing fibreglass roofs with no issues to this current day.  GRP can be rendered completely ineffective if laid incorrectly.

– Will outlast any traditional bitumen-based waterproof application
– Fire retardant
– BBA Certified
– Available in dozens of different Colours and a range of styles

More Info

GRP will not suit every project, so it’s important to get some objective advice from a trusted and experienced roofing team.

Feel free to phone or email us for advice on wether a GRP roof could be the right solution for you.