Sika Trocal (single ply)

Our go-to choice when it comes to waterproofing. Over 85% of our clients choose the Sika membrane, and for good reason. So far we have had a 100% faultless track record when it comes down to our Sika installations. Sika plan is a polyester reinforced multi-layer, synthetic roof waterproofing sheet, based on premium-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) according to En 13956. PVC  is both resistant to UV exposure and has superior fire resistance.

Sika Trocal was established in Great Britain in the early 70s and has a proven track record, for high-quality flat roof installations, across the UK and beyond. Originally engineered, and perfected in Germany, this flat roof solution has proven to really stand the test of time. Sika Trocal offers an unrivaled level of creative freedom in the design and application process, making it a popular choice for many architects and designers.

The Cool Roof Effect

White and light-coloured PVC roofing membranes have protected and kept buildings cool in climates around the world for decades. A roof that delivers high solar reflectance is known as a cool roof. A thermoplastic PVC roof can reflect at least three-quarters of the sun’s rays – usually far more, and emit 70% or more of the solar radiation absorbed by the building envelope.

Why Choose Sika Trocal?

Sika Trocal provides a wide range of flat roofing and pitched roof applications that include new build, refurbishment of existing flat roofs, Solar PV as well as green roof applications. With a 35-year BBA certificate that conforms to international, European, and British standards, it’s no wonder Sika Trocal is an incredibly popular choice.

All work carried out by a trained Sika Trocal installer

20 year Sika manufacturers warranty

35 year BBA certificate

All work signed off by a local area Sika technician

Members of SPRA and NFRC

Manufactured to ISO 900:2000 quality standard

Environmental management standard ISO 14001

Technical Info

For further details on Sika specification and projects please see their website: