Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs have been part of the built environment for over 5000 years. Their ability to change and diversify has meant they are still one of the most popular roof structures in the UK today. A pitched roof not only maximises space, but their versatility when designing allows the architect to express themselves freely.

There are significant advantages to specifying a pitched roof. If constructed properly it offers a longer lifespan than most flat roofs, and delivers a range of economic and environmental benefits to both homeowners and developer alike.

Tiled roofs

When it comes to finishing your roof there is a wide variety of tile to to choose from, the choice of tile can make a huge difference when completing your perfect project. Often choosing the right tile can simply come down to the aesthetics, but there may be other factors to consider. These will include roof pitch, weight, sustainability and budget.

Using our extensive network of suppliers and wealth of knowledge in the industry, we can offer sound advice to make sure you make the right decision for your build or re furbishment project.

Slate tiles

Slate is one of the longest lasting roof materials on the market today, a quality Slate can achieve a life expectancy of over a hundred years.

Slate tiles can be used on a pitch as low as 20 degrees and in our opinion is one of the most visually stunning roof coverings that money can buy.

There are many brands of high quality Slate on the market today, do not be fooled into buying Cheap Slate tiles, often this can lead to an un even appearance or worse, the Staining of pyrite ( fools gold ) which will severely discolour your roof and often leads to failure.

Please contact us today to help you make the right choice of Slate tile, we can supply a wide range of samples for you to choose from.